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Churchill’s Funeral: The End of Empire by Patrick Bishop

On 30 January 1965, the world said farewell to Sir Winston Churchill in a ceremony of the grandest scale, full of pageantry, pomp and grandeur; a historical event to honour a man who had shaped history. But Britain was saying goodbye to an era, as well as a leader. The empire was deteriorating, and with it went the confidence, power, wealth and cultural certainties that underpinned it. Would Churchill recognise the...
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The Warbirds by Richard Herman

Dealing with a company of poorly trained misfits, Colonel Anthony “Muddy” Waters is sent on a mission that no other officer in the US Air Force would touch. Stubborn and dedicated, Waters turns a superbly talented pilot but loose cannon named Jack Locke into a fighting force to be reckoned with. When the heavens explode, they’ll have to fly their F-4’s into the eye of the firestorm, face an overwhelming...
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The Marlboroughs by Christopher Hibbert

  John and Sarah Churchill, the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough, were the most influential and gifted couple in eighteenth-century England. John Churchill proved himself to be not only the greatest military commander of his time — his bravery and skill were legendary — but also a masterful diplomat in the service of both King William III and later Queen Anne. His wife Sarah was no less a charismatic figure....
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The Forgotten Few by Adam Zamoyski

  The crucial role played by Polish airmen during the Second World War and the colourful stories of their adventures have become part of British folklore. But very few people have any idea of the extent of their involvement, or how they came to be in Britain. In this brilliant history, Adam Zamoyski explores the unwavering courage of Polish fighters and how they helped to defeat the Nazis. This book...
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Dark Quartet by Lynne Reid Banks

  The Bronte sisters - Charlotte, Emily and Anne - are some of the best-known, and best-loved, English authors. But less well-known were the two other Bronte sisters, Maria and Elizabeth, who died before reaching adulthood, and their brother Branwell, who was haunted by his own demons until his death in his thirties. After the death of Maria and Elizabeth, the four remaining children returned to its cheerless rooms and...
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The Spencer Family by Charles Spencer

  Tracing the history of the Spencers from their beginnings as medieval sheep farmers, through centuries of service to country and crown to their high public profile following the marriage of Diana Spencer to the Prince of Wales, Charles, Ninth Earl Spencer, has written a superb and engaging work of family history. Hugely enriched by his unique access to private papers and family memories, it details the lives of such...
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The Secret Generations

May, 1910 The world is on the eve of a war set to ruin the lives of a whole generation. The Railton family are intimately involved in the world of espionage, which will become so crucial to the conflict’s outcome. With the death of General Sir William Railton, the family patriarch and hero of Balaclava, the family is thrown into a world of violence and intrigue. ‘A Schnapps and champagne...
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Ocean Strike by Damien Lewis

December. Most of the world is preparing for Christmas.But a small fanatical group of lethal terrorists are preparing for something very different - the most devastating terror attack the world has ever witnessed. The target. Britain. 
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Our Latest Titles

The Kill Dog by John Burke

Maggie Armitage, visiting Prague on a brashly optimistic market research project, sees her plans collapse...
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The Spahis by Gordon Landsborough

A boat sails into an African port, carrying a group of beggars. These men are...
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Sandstorm by Laurence Gough

Set in turbulent Libya, CIA agent Jack Downey is on a mission to assassinate the...
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Constable About the Parish by Nicholas Rhea

Police constable Nick Rhea, the local bobby of the village of Aidensfield, finds himself constantly...
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The Company She Kept by Marjorie Eccles

Felix Darbell’s life is thrown into chaos. Submitting to the urge to revisit the source...
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Murder at the Nineteenth by J M Gregson

Chief Superintendent John Lambert was looking forward to relaxing at the end of a tedious...
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Her Honor by William Coughlin

When everyone in the courtroom calls you ‘your honor’, you must be honorable, no matter...
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The Twelve Apostles by William Coughlin

From offices to glittering restaurants, from London to New York to Dublin, this is a...
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The Good Old Days by Gilda O’Neill

When society is easily swayed by nostalgia, how good really were ‘the good old days’?...
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Dark Betrayal by Brian Kitchen

Britain, February 392 AD. Flavius Vitulasius is at his father’s villa in Ad Trivonam when...
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Iron Times with the Guards by G P A Fildes

Geoffrey Fildes recounts his time with the Coldstream Guards during the brutal First World War....
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Vimy Ridge by Alexander McKee

To the French, Vimy Ridge was bloody slaughter. To the British it was stalemate. But...
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A Curl Up and Die Day by Frank Dickens

Dicks is a cycle-racing fanatic, a former rider whose career ended abruptly at the Rome...
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Manners by Robert Newman

Manners has been suspended from duty for the murder of a local hood. The enquiry...
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Promises to Keep by George Bernau

Dallas, Texas 1963. The U.S. president, John T. Cassidy has survived an assassination attempt and...
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Fletcher and the Great Raid by John Drake

1795. The French and the English are at war, and a steam engine would be...
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Ben-Gurion by Shabtai Teveth

David Ben-Gurion was the founder of the state of Israel, as well as being the...
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Winston Churchill by Robert Lewis Taylor

Known the world over for his military and political achievements, Winston Churchill is regarded as...
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The Killings on Kersivay by Angus MacVicar

Peter Parsons, a radio producer, flies to the Hebridean island of Kersivay to find out...
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Private View by Meg Elizabeth Atkins

When a gallery owner is found dead, and a painting is found missing, DCI Sheldon...
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The Murder Line by Roderic Jeffries

Inspector Enrique Alvarez is looking into the death of Guido Zavala, who has been found...
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Dragon’s Blood by Christopher Nicole

Michael Harrington, Irish desperado and mutineer, arrives in India bound in chains. However, his fortunes...
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A Gallery of Poisoners by Adrian Vincent

A collection of true-crime stories about 13 notorious poisoners including Tillie Gburek, Graham Young and...
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Desert Combat by Robert Jackson

In the Autumn of 1941 in Africa, the British are struggling to hold off Erwin...
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Death in Disguise by Alison Joseph

The famous detective writer, Agatha Christie is struggling through her divorce and as such, has...
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The Lion of Midnight J D Davies

During the Winter of 1666, the English are at war with the Dutch and Captain...
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Playing Dead by Vena Cork

Rosa Thorn, a soap opera star finds herself caught up in a series of murders...
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There Are No Accidents by Susan Bacoyanis

In a confusing world of lies and deceit, Francis Hay can’t discern reality from fantasy....
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The Last Parallel by Martin Russ

In this biographical account of Martin Russ’ experiences in the Korean War, we are shown...
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The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by Johanna Craven

1692. The Atlantis, captained by veteran seaman Benjamin Archer, flies the colours of an English...
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Zigzag by Michael Kenyon

Chief Inspector Henry Peckover is the pride of Scotland Yard. When he is despatched to Ireland to escort home a prisoner, Peckover is soon embroiled in a zigzagging investigation that leads him to the most unlikely of places. Get your copy here

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Meet Cheryl Sawyer

Cheryl Sawyer is the author of seven historical novels published in several languages by major publishers. Endeavour Press have released three digital editions of her work so far, and two new novels are due in 2015 and 2016: Farewell Cavaliers and The King’s Shadow. With The Winter Prince, these will complete her 17th-century trilogy Terror […]

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Richard III: Shakespearean Villain or Failed King?

Well known are the stereotypes of Richard III that have stemmed from Shakespeare: “I am determined to prove a villain, And hate the idle pleasures of these days.” “Conscience is but a word that cowards use, devised at first to keep the strong in awe” “Back-bunched toad”, “rudely stamp’d”, “deformed, unfinish’d” “A horse, a horse, my […]

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Blenheim: Europe’s most pivotal battle?

Waterloo, Stalingrad, Alesia, Hastings, Leipzig, Tours; many battles can compete for the status of being Europe’s most pivotal battle, but all of these pale in comparison to the Battle of Blenheim. On 14th August 1704 the forces of the Grand Alliance, comprising of England, Scotland, the Dutch Republic and the Holy Roman Empire, struck a […]

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WWI: How the war began.

On 4 August, 101 years ago, the UK declared war on Germany, and this date is generally regarded as the beginning of World War I. But what was the spark that caused this abhorrent war to begin? Writing just four years after the war’s end Donald A. Mackenzie, a prolific writer on religion, mythology and anthropology, […]

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